Teacher and Principal Employment FAQ

Do I need teacher certification?
Yes, you must possess either Initial (or unexpired provisional) or Permanent/Professional New York State Teacher Certification or be eligible for such certification.  If you are currently teaching full-time at a parochial school that is becoming an academy next year and you are staying at that school, New York State Certification is not required for initial application to the academy.

Do I have to be Catholic?
You must be a practicing Roman Catholic. You will be asked to submit verification with a Pastor’s Approval Form before being placed on the Approved Candidates List.

Are other certifications acceptable?
Only New York State certification is acceptable, however, New York State does have interstate contracts with more than 30 other states and jurisdictions for classroom teaching certificates.  You can check the NYSED.gov website for details on Enhanced Reciprocity and a list of States Party to the Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Educational Personnel.  Applicants who posses a valid certification in a contract state may apply for a New York State Certification.  Internship, Attendance Officer and Catechist certificates are not acceptable without a valid New York State certification.

If I have previously submitted an application, must I re-apply electronically?
Yes, you must re-apply so your application can be viewed by principals seeking teachers.

May I mail application materials directly to the diocese?
No, all materials are to be submitted electronically.

I am interested in substitute teacher or aide positions. Should I submit complete the electronic application.
No, for these positions apply directly to the schools.