Office of Victim Assistance

Welcome to the Victim Assistance Page for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

The Office of Victim Assistance was established to assist those who are victims of childhood sexual abuse committed by a member of the clergy, a diocesan employee or a diocesan volunteer. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, I am deeply sorry for what you have experienced. Although I am well aware that the wounds of such abuse are far reaching, I am here to assist in the journey towards healing. Whether you are at the beginning stages of exploring possibilities to aid in your healing, or if you have tried different methods to support your healing, I am here to assist you, and begin where you are.

The Office of Victim Assistance is here to provide you with supportive initial counseling, referrals for therapy and pastoral resources. In addition, each year we provide new varying groups for survivors.

Our Diocesan Bishop, Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, celebrates a yearly Healing Mass in our Diocese for all those impacted by childhood sexual abuse in the month of April. In addition to coming together as the Body of Christ to pray for healing, at the conclusion of this Mass, you have the opportunity to meet with Healing Intervention Team Members, who can assist you in providing information on community resources to promote healing in different neighborhoods in NYC.

Finally, in the Diocese of Brooklyn, we also have a Diocesan Survivors Advisory Board. This Board serves as a guiding voice in developing new resources and outreach to all those impacted by childhood sexual abuse. This group is comprised of primary and secondary survivors as well as professionals who actively work in the area of protecting children and caring for the victimized.

The Office of Victim Assistance offers several programs throughout the year. The groups are: The Confraternity of Survivors, The Spousal Support Group and The Support Group For Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Committed By Members Of The Clergy. I invite you to subscribe to our email list and check this page regularly for updates on the resources offered through the Diocese of Brooklyn. I may be contacted at (718) 623-5236 or at should you have any questions.

Please know if you are reporting abuse committed by a member of the clergy for the first time, please call our reporting line at (888) 634-4499. Please know all reports are shared with the civil authorities.

Jasmine Salazar, LMSW