We would like to congratulate the St. Mel’s Catholic Academy community on their official opening of their new STEM Lab earlier this week.

Students, parents and faculty were delighted as they began Catholic Schools Week with some state of the art additions to their academy.

The opening of the new STEM Lab, complete with its own 3D printer, included a blessing by Fr. Gerard Sauer, a ribbon cutting ceremony with Principal Christopher Stein, as well as benefactors, faculty and students.


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Finding the Fun in Learning – JrPreK at St. Bernard

My Name is Samantha Mendez, and I am the Jr.PreK teacher here at Saint Bernard Catholic Academy. Over the past month since school has begun we have “Set Sail” into learning. Each year I create a new theme for the classroom and this year the Jr.PreK children are sailing on a learning cruise ship. So my 29 Sailors, My Cruise Director, Mrs. Deborah, and I, the “Captain” are off to a great academic year. As for most of the children it was their first time in school, it was a large adjustment but we all pushed through and are sailing along.

In the past month, the children have had the opportunity to meet new friends and explore learning in a new way. They follow a curriculum I have designed that incorporates letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The children recently learned about the letter S. Not only did they learn about the letter and the sound it makes, we explored the letter through food and fun. We had scrambled eggs, sausages, spaghetti, snow cones, and strawberry shortcakes. The children also came to school wearing “Silly Socks” that they made at home.

Learning isn’t always easy, but when you make learning fun the possibilities of what each child could do are endless…

-Samantha Mendez

Immaculate Conception Aquinas Society – Academy Events for September

The ICCA Aquinas Society has had a busy opening school month in September.

9/11 Visit1)On the first full day of school, Monday, September 12 they were invited to visit the 9\11 Museum. The Education Department at the Museum offered the ICCA Aquinas students the opportunity to participate in the first ever Webinar Event at the museum to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11 that was broadcast across the United States.

The Special Guest at the webinar who greeted the students was Ada Dolch, the former principal at the Leadership & Public Service High School in Manhattan located three blocks south to the World Trade Center and displaced by the September 11 attacks. The day of the attack Principal Ada Dolch was on the street welcoming voters to the school’s polling booths and was on the street when the first plane hit. She suspected immediately that her sister, a Cantor Fitzgerald employee, very likely hadn’t survived the first attack and focused on evacuating students and teachers safely. Dolch evacuated the 14-story school building leading the students safely down to Battery Park.

samantha-beeMs. Dolch told the story of that day, filled with many harrowing details. She spoke about how her faith overcame so many of the tragedies of the day. The Aquinas students where offered an opportunity to ask questions along with other student from all 50 states. After the broadcast Ada stayed and talked with the ICCA students and communicated her great love and faith in people. It was for the adults present and for the students a life changing event.

2) On the evening of September 7, Mr. Ballenas, moderator of the ICCA Aquinas Society was the only teacher invited to speak at the 9\11 Benefit Gala at Cipriani on Wall Street. It was hosted by former Mayor Bloomburg and comedian Samantha Bee. Mr. Ballenas was very excited to be there and said they raised $3 million dollars that night, He was thrilled to meet Bon Jovi who was the musical guest.

Brooklyn Academy c-span-bus3) On September 28 the ICCA Aquinas students were invited by Brian Browne, the Vice President of Government Relations at Saint John University to board the 2016 C-SPAN Campaign bus. It was a great experience and they learned about the upcoming 2016 election.

4) On September 7 the world was able to see the premiere broadcast of the segment of City Of Churches about their parish, Immaculate Conception. They were the script writers for the segment.

C- Span by Carmela Lancelotti
Samantha Bee and Carl Ballenas by Jennifer Lagasse
Web by Jennifer Lagasse

Back to School! A new year of Endless Possibilities!

B2s-2016-cover-smBack to School 2016

The Tablet is pleased to present this Back to School Supplement in collaboration with local Catholic schools and the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn as well as local partners in education and health care.

Working As a Team to Support chadzutko-110x150Catholic Education

During his visit to last September, Pope Francis said: “School then ends up being one big family. A family, where together with our mothers and fathers, our grandparents, our teachers and friends, we learn to help one another … to work as a team…”

Brother-Ralph-Darmento-Headshot_cmyk-140x140Academies and Schools Are Committed to Best Practices

Brooklyn and Queens Catholic elementary schools and academies annually report on the ways they address their mission and Catholic identity, governance and leadership, academic excellence and operational vitality.

bernard-technology2_cmyk-140x96World of Opportunities Await Students, Schools/Academies

Technology has positively impacted education in the Catholic schools and academies in the Brooklyn Diocese with programs for learning, professional development and the expansion of hardware, wiring and wireless access.

stages-on-sound-file2-140x93St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust Embraces Catholic Education

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust assists parish schools and academies by supporting enrichment programs, including the Catholic Identity Links, TerraNova online services, Greek and Latin Roots and Arts in Residency.

principals-2016-17smNew School Year Brings New Principals

With the start of the 2016-2017 school year, newly appointed principals are preparing to meet their school communities and to assume the diverse and challenging role of leadership.

A Valedictorian’s Speech to his Fellow Graduates

Marc Louis is the Class of 2016’s Valedictorian at SCG- SLT. This honor is based on his grade point average. Marc came to us as a sixth grader from public school. He told us that while he was smart in school, he would get into fights with other students. His parents wanted Marc to excel academically and become a person with a strong moral character. Marc has shown us and his parents that he values the strong Catholic education he received at St. Catherine of Genoa-St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic Academy. We are so very proud of him! We hope you enjoy reading his speech. 

“Good Afternoon parents, teachers, administrators, priests, board members, family and friends, and of course, graduates of 2016.

Before I begin, I would like to thank our wonderful staff and Sisters for dealing with our unique class. Two years ago I could have never imagined standing before you today. As I stand here before you and see all these faces, they bring out emotions and memories of all sorts. We leave here with a sense of happiness to see how far we have come as a whole, but also with a sense of passion as we end a chapter in our lives. SCG~ STL has given me the opportunity to learn and become better as a whole, and to experience new fields and make friends who have changed my life for the better. Before coming to this school, I had never realized the importance of a Catholic education or even how to be a true follower of Christ. However, now I know. I have experienced the feeling of being able to help younger kids, welcoming new friends, and most importantly, giving back to the community. With the uplifting spirits and support of everyone, I was able to become a better person. This school has been a second home to me, teaching me so many lessons, everything from not forgetting my signs (thanks, Mr. Sickora!) to guiding me on the right path as a Catholic (thank you, Sr. Lynn!).

The memories I’ve made here are unforgettable and will be cherished forever. I was given chances like seeing the Pope, being part of extra-curricular and representing what my school stands for. This school has given me these wonderful experiences, and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without them. Having that intimate relationship with the teachers, sharing many laughs, viewing the incredible Spring and Christmas shows, attending the trips, and seeing Mr. Sickora attempt to sing not only brought laughter and joy but also a sense of belonging.

Now, as I conclude my speech, I look back and think, this school has given us all such an amazing opportunity and has made us strive to do our best. We came in as children when we first entered those doors, and look at us now, young men and women who will conquer the world. A lot of us here have been here our whole lives, but this school and the people in it have given us the key of success to open the door to the future.

My friends, acquaintances, we have made our mark on this school and we have just begun our journey. So I say to you graduates, Godspeed. We, the class of 2016, are the future of innovation and creativity. We will push boundaries and do both ordinary, as well as great, things with extraordinary love. This is the gift this school has given us, and with that I say thank you.

Lastly, I would like to give thanks to the people who have gotten me this far in my life: my parents, siblings, friends and amazing teachers. It is with much gratitude that I am able to publicly thank you for the immense role you have played in my life.
Congratulations Class of 2016!”

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