Early Childhood and Pre-K

The Diocese of Brooklyn recognizes early childhood education as an essential component in the development of the whole child and provides learning environments that support the cognitive, social and emotional growth of these children. Of the Catholic elementary academies and schools in Brooklyn and Queens:



Please use our Find a School page to help you in your search for a program.  Early childhood wings and centers designed to engage the younger students can be found at almost all locations. Scholarships and tuition assistance options are available through Futures in Education.

UPKIn addition, many of the Catholic elementary academies/schools in Brooklyn and Queens offer free all day Pre-K for All. Pre-K for All is a New York State early childhood initiative and is offered by 45 schools and academies within the Diocese of Brooklyn for children who are 4 years of age or will be by December 31. Click here for detailed information about Pre-K for All.