Secondary Education

A list of Catholic High Schools in Brooklyn and Queens is here, and our Catholic High School Guide (PDF) might also be helpful. Our new website,, features testimonials, statistics, and information about our Catholic High Schools.

Each individual high school makes its own admission and scholarship decisions.  Please view our High School Guide (PDF) for information on high schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) tests eighth-grade students who are interested in attending Catholic high school the following year. TACHS is only for Grade 8 students and will be administered in November. Registration begins in August.

Choosing a Catholic High School
Our 18 Catholic High Schools offer four years of rigorous college preparatory programs coupled with individualized attention and support to ensure that our students reach their full potential. We’re proud of that 100% of our high school seniors graduate, compared to the approximate 60% of New York City public school students, and 98% of our graduates go on to college.

Our students have been accepted to the most competitive colleges in the country and have received approximately $350 million in scholarships.

Because we believe in educating the whole person, our high schools offer dozens of outstanding cultural activities and competitive athletic teams, successful art and music programs, after-school clubs, and international travel, as well as challenging classes that include Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and coursework at local colleges and universities. Find out more at

High School Values
Our education and formation programs are based on religious beliefs and values, that enable students to grow in their understanding of themselves, their relationship with God, and their relationship with others.

Our high schools promote the education of young people to their full potential; their teachers respect and encourage individual development to responsible adulthood. Students acquire knowledge and develop the skills necessary for success in higher educational pursuits and a wide range of careers.

We also offer a community environment in which students can discuss and live out the values upon which their education is based. They are encouraged to contribute to society and to assume leadership roles in shaping public attitudes and programs as well as becoming faith-filled and faithful citizens.

In Catholic high schools, young people learn to question, to establish confidence in their own good choices in life, and to experience the sense of accomplishment that stems from individual achievement and responsibility. Catholic High Schools:

  • Build character
  • Foster community service
  • Encourage involvement
  • Develop real-world skills
  • Shape leaders
  • Reward achievement
  • Reinforce values
  • Allow for spiritual growth
  • Embrace differences
  • Raise standards
  • Empower each student
  • Celebrate school spirit

For more information, please contact the Catholic High School of your choice, as listed here.