Consecrated Life and Religious Orders

Throughout the centuries, men and women have responded to God’s call to commit themselves wholly to God and God’s people through the consecrated life.

In saying “yes” to the call of Jesus in the consecrated religious life, these men and women take the evangelical vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and become part of a religious community. They pattern their lives after Jesus through the living out of their vows in a shared, communal life with a common mission and vision according to the particular “charism” of their community. They make time daily for prayer, ministry, and community. They follow the life and teaching of the founder of their community.

Most sisters and brothers are very ordinary people who have an “extraordinary” love for God and God’s people and have a burning desire to witness to the love of Jesus, sharing the Good News and serving others, especially those in need. Religious life has a special role in witnessing to the world and it is worth giving up everything else for the sake of God and the Kingdom of God.

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