Episcopal Delegate for Religious

The goal of the Office of the Episcopal Delegate for Religious is to be a pastoral presence to the women and men who are living a consecrated life in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Through a ministry of support and service, the office initiates, sustains and strengthens collegial relationships among laity, clergy and members of consecrated life for the good of the total local Church.

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Sr. Maryann Seton Lopiccolo is the Delegate for Religious. To a large extent, she is a “connection maker” who offers pastoral presence through regular participation in meetings and committees with bishops, diocesan leaders and major superiors. She also makes regular visits and consultations with contemplative monasteries, local communities, friaries and others in consecrated life. She chairs the Council of Religious and plans diocesan functions and activities for those in consecrated life, such as Jubilee celebrations, World Day for Consecrated Life, days of prayer and other gatherings. She assists new communities to the diocese to become established, especially those from outside the U.S., and helps them with housing, ministry and immigration regulations. Typical areas where the Delegate for Religious touches parish life and pastors’ concerns are: housing for religious, ministry agreement for religious, religious compensation, distribution of annual materials for the World Day for Consecrated Life, and the Religious Retirement Fund Collection for parish publication. She is also available for local consultation as needed.




Sr. Maryann Seton Lopiccolo, S.C.
310 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215