Strands of Inspiration at Sacred Heart in Glendale

With some string, beads, a ruler and devotion to Mary and the church, Emily Faugno set out on a mission. Mrs. Faugno always wanted to help the church. She answered an ad that a group of sisters posted, to teach people how to make rosary beads. “I believe it is very important to pray the rosary” said Mrs. Faugno in a recent interview for the Sacred Heart Catholic Academy newspaper.

Emily has made hundreds of rosaries over the past 20 years for the students and parishioners of Sacred Heart in Glendale, New York.

Mrs. Faugno was recently presented with a card and token of appreciation by the students of SHCA. Emily Faugno will forever be an inspiration and an example of love.

From left to right: Noelle Janello-Ruiz, Emily Clemente, Pastor Fred Marano, Emily Faugno, and Fr. John J. Fullum.