St. Anselm CA Planting the Seeds for a Better Tomorrow

SACA First Grade students rolled up their sleeves and got an early start on their spring planting on March 27th when they worked in the St. Anselm courtyard taking turns planting lettuce seeds. STEM teacher Christine Deem and First Grade teacher Josephine Ghorra introduced the activity by asking the children to describe what plants need to grow. The children discussed the need for water, sunlight, air and nutrients found in soil. The teachers also asked the children if they thought the seeds could survive outside in the cold overnight temperatures of early spring. It was decided that the safest place for the developing seeds was a sunny window inside.


The result was 4 egg cartons which were sent home with four student volunteers who agreed to provide the necessary TLC to the seeds over the Easter break. In addition, each child was given a cup of soil and allowed to plant more lettuce seeds for a lettuce “crop” at home.


Once the planting was finished, the teachers shared some exciting news: Fr. Stephen Saffron, has happily agreed to provide space in his garden so the young gardeners can experience the planting process from seed to table. The children will bring the egg carton seedlings back after the break, so they can be planted in Fr. Stephen’s garden at the appropriate time (after the last chance of frost). We wish the young farmers luck with their crop and thank the teachers for organizing this fun, educational activity. A special thanks to Fr. Stephen for sharing his garden with the children.



All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee