Our Lady of Trust STEM Lab

At Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy we premiered our STEM Lab this September. Each grade has access to the STEM Lab which provides problem-based learning for our students. The students are now being given more opportunities to be problem solvers, risk takers, critical thinkers and innovators by taking positions on real world problems. By working through a combination of learning strategies the students discover the nature of a problem, understand the variables involved and gain a perspective viewpoint of those affected. Our faculty and students have been working wonderfully in the STEM Lab and are enjoying their state of the art lab.

Quotes about our STEM Lab:


Our Pre-Kindergarten teacher believes “our students are becoming star investigators as they use our new hands on STEM Lab to observe, investigate and interpret grade level appropriate scientific curriculum and experimentation.”

One of our 7th Grade students stated “I think the STEM Lab is a great way for students to interact with the world of science and to see it with their own eyes, and interact with the students around

them as well.”

After doing a Heat Transfer an 8th Grade student said “This experience was fun and interesting to me because it helped clarify things since I had the chance to see the chain reaction of certain elements. We were able to see it firsthand instead of reading it in a textbook. When my group saw the ice melt so rapidly we all understood what we were learning in the classroom.”