A Swingin’ Education

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The seventh-grade class at Sacred Heart School, Bayside, visited the Alley Pond Adventure Course in Queens. The adventure course is designed to focus on team-building, problem-solving and communication skills through games and low- and high-element activities.

Prior to the field trip, the students had been working on an adventure education unit in their physical education classes culminating in the day at Alley Pond.

“I think adventure education is an important unit in physical education,” said Jackie Flynn, physical education teacher. “It steps away from traditional units such as soccer or basketball and focuses on teamwork and problem-solving, which are skills the students will use throughout their lives.”

The students were broken up into several groups with an instructor. They had to work together to solve low-element activities before attempting the high-element activities.

Student Daniella Pacifico enjoyed the challenge of working with a group.

“We had to work together with kids we don’t always get the chance to work with in order to solve the elements.,” she said.

The students had a great day at the adventure course where they enjoyed a variety of activities such as the Nitro Swing, the Tension Traverse and the Centipede, which tested them physically and intellectually.