Organize a Vocation Fair

The Vocation Office offers a variety of vocation promotion and awareness opportunities in the Diocese of Brooklyn.  One opportunity that the Vocation Office offers and will help organize is the Parish Vocation Fair.  A Vocation Fair provides an opportunity for parishioners to learn about vocations to religious life and the priesthood as well as to become more familiar with some of the religious communities that minister in the Diocese.

The parish agrees to host a Vocation Fair in the parish hall or similar location on a Sunday following the scheduled Masses.   Sundays that seem to work best are “Coffee and Donut” Sundays, Parish Anniversary Sunday, Parish Festival Sunday, etc.   Vocation Directors from religious communities that serve in the Diocese agree to attend and set up information tables about their respective communities.  Parishioners are invited to partake of coffee and donuts after Mass and visit the various vocation tables.  Vocation Directors will provide information, answer questions, and distribute vocation materials.   The Vocation Office will serve as the contact to the parish and organize the visit by the religious communities.

How to get started:

1.    Decide to hold a Vocation Fair and where it could be held (discuss with Pastor/Parish Staff first).

2.    Determine location for Fair and about how many tables could be available for displays.

3.    Contact the Vocation Office with a list of possible dates:

•  Phone: 718-827-2454
•  E-mail:

4.     Advertise the Vocation Fair several weeks in advance through:

•   Parish Bulletins
•   Church Announcements
•   Flyers and Posters
•   School/Religious Education memos, etc.

5.    Keep in regular contact with the Vocation Office regarding details of the Fair

As you begin to make preparations for the day:

6.    Provide a table and chair for each religious vocation director attending

7.    Determine who will purchase and set up refreshments

On the day itself:

8.    Allow ample set up time for religious prior to first Mass.  Decide who will unlock doors for guests.

9.    Take pictures to share with parish and the Vocation Office.

After the Fair:

10.    Thank the religious guests who attended.

11.    Send pictures to Vocation Office.


Additional Resources  (click on item below):

Check out our Facebook page for pictures and ideas from past Vocation Fairs: