Small Faith Sharing



RENEW INTERNATIONAL has helped many parishes establish small faith-sharing groups in many of the parishes in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens. Single or married sharing your faith with others is another way to stay connected during this pandemic time. Many parishes are encouraging reaching out to groups in order to stay connected to the community at large while expanding your knowledge.

If you are interested in belonging to a group or even what to start a group. Register for the webinar and then speak to your pastor. All formation sessions are online. Learn how to stay virtually connected with the goal in mind is sharing your faith.


Winter Formation Workshop I: WHAT ARE WE CELEBRATING?


The Formation Workshop:

  • Offers an overview of Sessions 1-6 in Celebrate in preparations for Lent 2021 small groups. Provides an overview of liturgy and the liturgical seasons.
  • Draws participants into an understanding of sacraments as doors to the sacred, events to be celebrated, and living encounters with Christ in the Church community.
  • Provides an overview of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation)



Why Catholic? parish team, small community leaders and their community members, and all interested adults.


Formation Sessions are Online! Download the Schedule and Zoom Channels.


For questions:

English Sessions: Sr. Janet Schaeffler, RENEW representative,

Spanish Sessions: Sr. Ruth Bolarte, RENEW representative,


Or for more information, please contact:

Christine Georgi at or (718) 281-9544