Religious Education Goes On

A global pandemic didn’t stop Christ the King Church in Jamaica – religious education continued on because of the passion and commitment of its catechists and students

When in-person classes came to a halt in March, with the guidance and support of Director of Faith Formation Robbin Johnson, catechists quickly adapted.

Johnson and her fellow catechists developed a new system of leaving packets with the learning materials at the church for parents to pick up, bring home to their students to work on and then bring back for assessment. Throughout this time, catechists continued to be an accessible resource, contacting families each week to check in until the program’s finish.

Pleased with the packet program’s success, catechist Odette Jones mentions what drives her commitment: “No religious education, no future spiritual leaders. This year was an awesome experience for me to see each child pray and to know the power of prayers.” Catechist Sandra Sanon adds, “Ministering at Christ the King as a substitute faith formation instructor, I have been blessed to share my love of Jesus, and the experience of my faith journey with the young people as I learn from their participation and input.”

At the end of the program, students were given their final progress report and resources for the summer. Last but most certainly not least, the program capped off with two end-of-term projects coordinated by Johnson. One project involves the students collecting bottle caps to raise funds to provide free dialysis to patients, and the other is to send thank you cards to healthcare workers in Queens General Hospital.

Johnson also credits the parents for the program’s success. “They are hardworking, unified and very supportive in assisting in their children’s faith journeys. We couldn’t have done it without them.”