Homeschool program for Religious education

Our Lady of Grace in Howard Beach has offered a homeschool program for Religious education for the past several years, so we were ready when faced with COVID restrictions! The whole program is based on the homeschool model this year, and our parents have really embraced the role of catechist for their children. This has become such a special time for families to deepen their faith while teaching their children about the life of Jesus and His love. Quiet time is set aside for these teachable moments, away from the pressure of remote learning and Google classrooms.

Our pastor, Fr. Marc Swartvagher, invites parents to virtual meetings every week so that we may “see” each other. Parents have this opportunity to ask questions about how the material should be presented, and Fr. Marc is happy to answer them. He also hosts a meeting with a prayer for both parents and children, and those have been wonderful! We’ve prayed the Rosary together in October, talked about and showed our favorite saints in November, and discovered the meaning behind the well-known Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in December. We are looking forward to our upcoming Lenten prayer service in February.

Our 2nd graders are preparing for First Holy Communion and spent special time with Jesus at Holy Hour. They had the option to attend in person or watch the live stream at home to learn more about the Eucharist and adoration. Fr. Marc explained it so beautifully for those attending for the first time. We are hoping to have more of these experiences with the rest of our families!


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