Examination of Conscience

The Sacrament of Confession is a gift of God’s Mercy and Love. In order to be a worthy recipient of God’s Grace one must make a Good Examination of Conscience before Confession. Below is listing of some questions you can ask yourself in preparation for the Sacrament:

1. Do I Love God above everything else?
2. Am I humble? Do I depend on God as I should?
3. Am I prideful? Do I try to make the world revolve around me?
4. Am I presumptuous? Do I think I can do whatever I want and that it will not matter to God?
5. Do I pray everyday? Do I go to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day?
6. Do I devote myself to growing in the faith?
7. Am I thankful? Do I express gratitude sincerely and outwardly?
8. Am I self-righteous? Do I make excuses for my faults, blame others or rationalize?
9. Am I forgiving? Do I hold grudges, resentments? Do I delight in the misfortunes of others?
10. Do I judge others, label others, exclude other and condemn others?
11. Is my life in any way ruled by anger, jealousy, envy or impatience?
12. Do I make idols of money, power, prestige, accomplishment, materialism, sensuality, vanity, pleasure, comfort, leisure, compliancy, apathy, or anything else?
13. Do I engage in extra-marital sex? Do I use sex recreationally?
14. Do I dedicate myself to knowing, loving, and living the Truth as it is taught by the Catholic Church?
15. Do I misuse speech through cheating, gossiping, backbiting, profanity, blasphemy, complaining, or being silent when I should speak?
16. Am I true to my vows, my commitments, my contracts, and my word?
17. Is my mind filled with thoughts that are lustful, mean-spirited, or prejudicial?