Investment option changes

Investment Option Changes – Participant Notification

Introducing Important Changes for
Diocese of Brooklyn 403(b) Plan

The Diocese of Brooklyn 403(b) Plan is a great way to save for retirement.  Our goal is to continue helping you build a more secure financial future by providing a wide array of investment options.  The investment option changes become effective December 1, 2011. This is the “Fund Replacement Date.”

 How the Changes Impact You

On the Fund Replacement Date, certain investment options will no longer be available.  If you currently direct your contributions into one or all of these current investment options, your investment direction and balances in these current investment options will be redirected, or “mapped”, as illustrated in the attached table, unless you direct otherwise at least 3 business days prior to the Fund Replacement Date.

Changes to your investment allocations can be made through the participant website at Select ‘Plan Participant Login’ to access your account and make changes to future allocations and/or existing balances under the ‘Transaction’ page. If you have any questions, please contact our Participant Services Department at (800) 524-4015, option 4.

If you want to move your funds in any of the investments being replaced to funds other than the “mapped” investments, you must make your investment changes no later than November 28, 2011, which is 3 business days prior to the Fund Replacement Date

Investment we are mapping from effective 12/1/2011: Investment we are mapping to effective 12/1/2011:
 Current Investment Option New Investment Option
Bancorp Master Demand Account Prudential Guaranteed Income Fund