Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor, staffed by the Chancellor, works closely with the Bishop and the Vicar General in the governance and pastoral running of the Diocese.

A primary function of the office is to work with matters concerning Canon Law.

The staff is proficient in all areas of canonical legislation and the Chancellor acts as a delegate of the Diocesan Bishop in the granting of all permissions and dispensations in accord with present Canon Law. However, the Chancery does not process ecclesiastical annulments. These are entrusted to the Diocesan Tribunal.

The Chancellor is the Diocesan Notary and is also responsible for sacramental records and the Diocesan Archives. The Diocesan Archives are directly cared for by the Archivist.

If you are a parishioner requesting a dispensation, contact your parish priest.

Rev. Msgr. Steven Aguggia, J.C.L.,V.E.,S.T.L. – Chancellor,
Rev. Jeremias E. Castillo, J.C.L – Vice Chancellor,
Rev. Robert Mucci, J.C.L – Vice Chancellor,
America Michelle Granillo- Executive Assistant,
Janny Ortiz- Administrative Assistant,
Lilian Guallpa, Administrative Assistant,

310 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel: (718) 399-5990
Fax: (718) 399-5934