Office of the Comptroller

The Comptroller’s Office manages the records of the primary financial transactions throughout the Diocese of Brooklyn. Along with managing these transactions, the office also compiles and delivers timely financial reports as requested by parishes, schools, and other diocesan agencies. The office provides Bishop DiMarzio and other diocesan leaders with financial reports and analyses that help them make important decisions about the life and development of the Diocese as a whole.

The most current diocesan stewardship report is now available online.

This report contains important information that details how the Diocese is working to make the most of the financial gifts we receive as we seek to share the love of God with people in Brooklyn and around the world.

Contact the Office:
310 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 965-7300

  • Martin McManus, Comptroller x1401
  • Kevin Rhatigan, Asst. Comptroller x1409
  • Nicole Steinweiss, Asst Comptroller x1406
  • Lawrence Duah x1414
  • Masiel Lantigua x1230
  • Karen McLoone x1205
  • Kevin O’Reilly x1405
  • Caroline Vogel x1402
  • John Zenko x1404

Office of Fiscal Management

  • Johanna Mitchell, Director x1411
  • Gerard Belmont x1225
  • Ray Espinal x1412
  • Nadine Gilchrist x1416
  • Deacon Carlo Mellace x1403
  • Margarita Velez x1407