‘Now Is The Time For Conversion’ By Bishop DiMarzio

February 3, 2016 – Excerpted from Put Out Into the Deep, Bishop DiMarzio’s column in The Tablet:

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

As we prepare to begin Lent in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we must be attentive to the “Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for Lent 2016.” Our Holy Father has chosen the theme, “The works of mercy on the road of the Jubilee,” citing the words that Jesus repeats in the Gospel of Matthew, the words of the Psalm, “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.” (Mt 9:13).

In this Year of Mercy, our Holy Father reminds us of this in his new book, “The Name of God is Mercy.” We do not know God by any other attribute but one that is merciful. Pope Francis reminds us that the mystery of Divine Mercy is revealed in the history of the Covenant between God and the people of Israel. Time and time again, the people of Israel broke the Covenant relationship, but God was always faithful to the Covenant and redeemed His unfaithful children. Finally, it was in the New Covenant made in the blood of Jesus Christ that the boundless mercy of God is shown by making Christ “mercy incarnate.” Yes, Jesus Christ is for us the true face of mercy, the face of God who is so merciful to us, who are sinners.

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