Bishop DiMarzio Invokes Past and Future in Homily at St. Joseph’s Dedication

St. Josephs Cathedral BrooklynMay 16, 2014 – Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio touched on the past, present and future of the Church in a wide-ranging homily at the dedication of the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph’s on May 13.

He told the story of the 100-year-old cathedral, which had fallen into disrepair before being meticulously restored over the past six years. He spoke about St. Joseph’s special place in the Catholic Church, as “the protector not only of Jesus and Mary but also of Christ’s mystical body, the Church.” Finally, he spoke about the future of the Diocese of Brooklyn and this new cathedral’s place in that future.

“And so, today, we come to re-dedicate this magnificent structure to Joseph as now the Co-Cathedral of Brooklyn and Queens,” Bishop DiMarzio said, “to seek his protection for our Diocese and to enable it also to reveal the mystery of the Church to the world.”

He went on to say that the newly restored St. Joseph’s, located in Prospect Heights,  “will be a central gathering place for our Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens.”

“My prayer is that the Lord will find this a fitting temple to give Him worship, and that all find it a place to encounter our Lord,” he said. “My hope is that this place be a symbol that the Church is not closing. Rather, the Church is growing and alive!”

The complete transcript of his homily is here.