How Can I Increase My Knowledge of My Faith?

Have you ever been asked a specific detail of your faith and found yourself unsure of the answer? Does your understanding of Catholicism give you confidence to defend your faith or educate your children? For these reasons and possibly others, many have wondered how to learn more but unsure exactly where. The Diocesan Office of Faith Formation wants you to know that it’s not just for the Parish Religious Education programs, but they also offer help, guidance, and classes in the faith that range from those that want to become Catholic to those that just want to learn more.

The Living and Leading by Faith program has long been established as a faith formation program for adults seeking more knowledge, curiosity over catholic traditions, or wanting a way to get closer to Jesus Christ by knowing and understanding more. The program has evolved and has changed names, but in the end, the same course purpose still exists to evangelize and share the knowledge of our faith.

We have had an online course available since 2013, which grew at a slow pace over the years. It wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that more people turned to online learning because we could not come together in a classroom. The core pillars of our faith, Creed, Life in Christ, Prayer, and Sacraments, are needed to understand our faith.

Go to and skim through our various choices of online classes. The Initial component of Living and Leading by Faith starts with Creed, Life in Christ, Prayer, the Sacraments, Introduction to the Bible, and Ministry of Catechesis. Or you might choose to explore other courses like History of the Church or the Gospels. Our online classes have video, vocabulary, printed text, and it is in small manageable chapters. You can start and stop anytime and pick up right where you left off. We even have a collaboration with Catholic Distance University for FREE online classes.

The responsibility to expand what we know of our faith, grow closer to Jesus Christ, and do what He has asked, to go forth and evangelize. We hold those three things in our control. The Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis wants to help you on this path.

If you have any questions on where to start your journey, contact our office.

Young Adults can contact our Director of Adult Faith Formation, Joann Roa 718.965.7300, ext. 2440 or

Couples and parents can contact our Director of Marriage, Family Formation, and Respect Life Education, Christian Rada 718.965.7300, ext. 5541 or