St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church and Catholic Academy Hosts Special Celebration

Brooklyn – St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church and St. Patrick’s Catholic Academy, hosted a special celebration of Christmas on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, to usher in the joy of the season.

The event began with an outdoor Christmas Concert featuring the students of St. Patrick’s Catholic Academy on the steps of the Academy. Following the musical performance, a fireworks display took place in the skies above the parish, and then Santa Claus arrived on a horse-drawn carriage.

Father Gerard Sauer is the Pastor of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. Ms. Kathleen Curatolo is the Principal of the Academy.

A Vimeo link can be found here:

Santa Claus visits St. Patrick's in Bay Ridge
Father Michael Falce, Parochial Vicar of St. Patrick’s, Kathleen Curatolo, Principal of St. Patrick Catholic Academy, and Father Gerard Sauer, Pastor of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, join Santa Claus aboard the horse-drawn coach wagon.
Students at St. Patrick's Catholic Academy Perform Christmas Songs
St. Patrick’s Catholic Academy students perform Christmas songs on the school sets as part of the celebration.
St. Patrick's Rectory Lawn Decorated for Christmas
The rectory lawn lit up brightly in preparation for the joy of Christmas.
Fireworks Display at St. Patrick's
An awesome fireworks display was presented by St. Patrick’s to help usher in the Christmas spirit.