Christmas Comes Early to 50 Students in Catholic Schools Within the Diocese of Brooklyn

Thanks to the generosity of the Tri State Italian American Congress, 50 students from the Catholic Elementary Schools and Catholic High Schools received a scholarship of $500 to be applied to this year’s tuition.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, presided over the Prayer Service and a Scholarship Presentation Ceremony. In his remarks, the Bishop recognized the “sacrifices that parents make to send their children to Catholic schools.” Speaking to those gathered Bishop DiMarzio remarked, “On behalf of the working class and working poor families of throughout Brooklyn and Queen I want to particularly recognize the generosity and commitment to Catholic Education of Judge Fusco and the Tri State Italian American Congress.”

Judge Fusco, in his remarks, shared his “passion for Catholic education and his pledged to continue to assist the families of Italian American Heritage”. Judge Fusco re-affirmed the importance of Catholic education and the impact that a quality Catholic education has on the young of today.

Following the Presentation, Bishop DiMarzio and Judge Fusco, spent time with the parents and the students.

Those gathered all appreciated the generous gift of the Tri State Italian American Congress and the willingness of the Tri State Italian American Congress to continue their efforts to support Catholic education within the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Bishop DiMarzio indicated that this is “truly a day of hope for the future”.