2009/2010 Registration Information Available

The Diocesan Reconfiguration Committee expects to release all its draft regional proposals to the appropriate constituents by January 11, 2009. A broad based consultation on the various proposals will be conducted immediately in every region of the Diocese following the release of the proposals. The consultation will conclude on Friday, February 12, 2009.

Upon considering the proposals put forth by the Diocesan Reconfiguration Committee and the reactions of parish communities, parents, teachers, principals and pastors Bishop DiMarzio is expected to announce a final diocesan-wide “Roadmap for Preserving the Vision” by February 20, 2009.

The Diocesan Superintendent of School Support services indicated that the Bishop directive was motivated by a desire to “avoid confusion and ensure that school registrations take into account the final recommendations to be approved in “Preserving the Vision”. In a statement, Bishop Frank Caggiano welcomed the Bishop’s directive, “This uniform timeline will promote a true sense of “communion” among all of our elementary schools, allow parents to register their children with clarity, and provide a fair situation for all schools”. Bishop Caggiano is the Vicar General of the Diocese and the principal architect of the process “Preserving the Vision”.

As a result of this new directive Schools throughout the Diocese of Brooklyn will begin registration of all new students and re-registration of all current students on Monday, February 23, 2009. Chadzukto indicated that Open Houses and School Tours that have been scheduled prior to this date may still occur. However, he encouraged principals and pastors to ensure parents are aware of the establishment of this uniform diocesan-wide registration timeline.