Bishop DiMarzio Lifts Obligation To Attend Mass In Areas Facing Mandatory Evacuation

Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 26, 2011 – Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio said today in a statement regarding Hurricane Irene:

“In light of the serious threat posed by Hurricane Irene, which is due to hit our area over the weekend, I urge the faithful of the Diocese of Brooklyn to use caution and prepare for this dangerous storm.

It goes without saying that for those areas of the Diocese under mandatory evacuation, the obligation to attend Mass this Sunday has been lifted, as well as for those areas where travel is considered dangerous due to weather conditions, age, or infirmity. The Sunday obligation remains in place for all those who can reasonably attend services this weekend.

Above all else, please exercise common sense and caution as we encounter the effects of Hurricane Irene. Please join me in praying to the Lord that all human life will be spared the worst effects of this natural occurrence.”