Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio Congratulates Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Edwin O’Brien

Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 6, 2012 – Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio congratulated Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien of Baltimore on their elevation to the dignity of Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI today.

“This is a great honor that is bestowed on Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal O’Brien,” Bishop DiMarzio said. “It is a privilege not only for these exceptional leaders in the Church, but also for us in the city of New York, which in the past has made a great contribution to the Church in the United States and continues to do so today.

“Cardinal Dolan has served in many capacities, as both a pastor, seminary professor, rector, president of the U.S.C.C.B., among many other distinctions. We in the Diocese of Brooklyn offer our utmost congratulations and look forward to continue ministering with His Eminence for the betterment of the people of New York.”