Bishop DiMarzio Statement on his Apostolic Visitation in Buffalo




Adriana Rodriguez

John Quaglione 

Bishop DiMarzio Statement on his Apostolic Visitation in Buffalo

The Bishop of Brooklyn, Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, released this statement in response to his Apostolic Visitation to the Diocese of Buffalo:

“This has been a difficult period in the life of the Church in Buffalo.  Throughout this process, the lay faithful, religious, and clergy were in my prayers.

As part of this Apostolic Visitation to the Buffalo Diocese, we spoke with more than 80 people over a period of several weeks to gather information for this administrative review. It was conducted with urgency as the Holy See directed that this visitation be thorough with the foremost consideration being the good of the people of the Diocese of Buffalo.

What I found are many deeply devoted Catholics who love their Church. I pray this moment of suffering and pain will lead to a birth of new faith.  With the appointment of the Most Reverend Edward Scharfenberger, Bishop of Albany, to oversee the Buffalo Diocese, I am confident that Buffalo Catholics are in good hands.

I hope that now Catholics in Buffalo can begin the process of moving forward, healing, and helping the diocese in all of its ministries. We extend a promise of prayer for Bishop Richard Malone, as he moves into the retirement phase of his Episcopal ministry, and for the faithful of Buffalo.”