A recent article in The New Yorker entitled “The Crisis Manager” and written by Gay Talese, profiles Joe Girardi, manager of the Yankees. As you may know, the Yankees recently ended the regular season in first place in the American League East and are currently in the race for the post-season run against the Baltimore Orioles in the Division Series. One interesting fact brought out in this article, however, is, “Although Girardi was brought up Catholic, he told me, ‘The Catholic church, it seemed to me, growing up, was a lot of rules. You sit, you stand, you kneel; you sit, you stand, you kneel.’ He said ‘Kim (his wife – Kim Innocenzi Girardi) introduced me to Jesus.’ He once described the moment to a reporter; ‘We were sitting in the basement of the Phi Delta sorority house. Kim explained salvation to me, and I silently prayed to receive Jesus as my Savior.'”    Read more »