‘Church Must Be Active In Public Debate’ by Bishop DiMarzio

October 19, 2016 – Excerpted from Put Out Into the Deep, Bishop DiMarzio’s column in The Tablet:

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

In many parts of the world Christians are suffering intense religious persecution. Last year, over 7,000 Christians were martyred for the faith leaving some to wonder whether we are witnessing a new genocide. Chaldean Christians in Iraq and Syria face the brunt of the violence. However, they are not alone. Those that live in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya are also at risk. Many more Christians are facing political and economic discrimination in places like China and India.

The political climate in the United States is chaotic and dispiriting. The Presidential nominees of both major political parties seem scandal-plagued and corrupt. America deserves better but perhaps these two contenders for our nation’s highest political office are simply a reflection of the citizenry. The character of a political candidate does matter. Unfortunately, the character of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has come under question which continues to obscure important policy discussions.

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