What Online Courses Can I Take To Deepen My Faith?

If you wanted to learn more about your faith here are a few suggestions of online courses, you can take.

Got to bqonlineformation.org if you have an account you’ve been to our site and know how to log in. Sometimes your difficulty is deciding on what to take.

Teachers in a parish program or a Catholic school/academy here are our four suggestions. Having an opportunity to learn more of your faith and to be able to hand it down to your students or even your children is valuable.


21st Century Lesson Planning for Faith Formation



In this 21st century, the church is at a critical crossroads in faith formation. Parishes are losing families and faith no longer seems relevant to our youth. Young people are changing rapidly. They are learning differently and living their faith differently. How do we effectively design a person-centered faith experience that engages both the minds and hearts of young Catholics in this complex 21st century? Come with us on the journey and find out!




Learner-Centered Environment ( 4 lessons)

Thinking Backwards (4 lessons)

Aiming for Change (4 lessons)

Evaluating Success (4 lessons)

Achieving Flow (4 lessons)

Extending your Reach (4 lessons)

Flipped First Exposure (4 lessons)


Practical Spirituality for Teachers



As someone called to be a teacher, it is as a teacher that you will become holy. In this course, Fr. Thomas Dailey from the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales describes how the simple, practical wisdom of St. Francis de Sales can help you to grow in holiness through your vocation as a teacher.



Salesian Spirituality (3 reflections)

The Devout Life (2 reflections)

Becoming More Prayerful (3 reflections)

Doing the Little Virtues (3 reflections)

Teacher Temptations (3 reflections)

Never-ending Need to Know (2 reflections)


Teach Lead Serve



Teach lead to serve informs teachers as ministers, deepens their understanding of church teaching, and inspires them in their calling to catholic education. There are 15 sessions to these sessions are all relatively short with thought-provoking discussion questions, quotes, articles, and supplemental content. Each session has a video, reflection time, collaboration time, and a review.


Spirituality for Teachers and Catechists



Spirituality for teachers and catechists is an engaging, 5 part course that guides the participant along the road of holiness. The course explores the foundations of spiritual theology while offering concrete applications to help participants grow in their daily prayer life. Each lesson contains high-quality video instruction, interactive activities, and quizzes to apply the knowledge gained throughout each lesson.


The Call to Universal Holiness

Growing in the Life of Prayer

Spirituality through the Sacraments

Christ as teacher

Review and Stages of the Interior Life