Faith, Knowledge & Service

January 28, 2014 – Excerpted from “Put Out Into the Deep,” Bishop DiMarzio’s column in The Tablet:

“As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, I wish to share with you the theme that the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) has selected, not only for this year but for the next two-to-three years: ‘Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.’

We often use the phrase ’21st Century Teaching and Learning.’ This phrase signifies that Catholic school educators strive to teach students in the ways that reflect how they might learn best today, rather than allowing teaching methods to exist unchanged…For children growing up today to succeed in the future, they must have the knowledge to utilize technology in a positive and effective way. It is for this reason that the classrooms in every school and academy are equipped with SMART Boards. Many schools also have resources such as student iPads, laptops, impressive multimedia labs and SMART Tables for their early childhood programs.”

Read the full text of the Bishop’s column on The Tablet website.