Adriana Rodriguez

John Quaglione 

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio Releases Video Statement on “Bells of Hope

The Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, has released the following video statement tonight, on the first day of the “Bells of Hope” initiative. Bishop DiMarzio has asked every parish in Brooklyn and Queens, with outdoor bells, to ring them daily at 3 PM starting today and continue to do so for the duration of the Coronavirus epidemic.

“We ring the bells each day, calling everyone to prayer, so that in this time of crisis, we can be united with one another.

So, I have asked that at 3 o’clock each day, that our parishes will ring their church bells.  We have chosen 3 o’clock because, for us, it is the time that Jesus died on the cross.

How appropriate in the midst of this pandemic, that we seek God’s mercy upon us.  Yes, we should stop each day and pray at 3 o’clock. Our prayer together can give us hope, which is so important. Hope in the midst of some despair and difficulties that we are experiencing,” said Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

At the end of this video, Bishop DiMarzio describes, and rings, a bell that was given to him when he first was ordained Bishop.

The full statement can be viewed here: