Youth Ministry

For more information on any of the below programs for Youth in the Diocese of Brooklyn, please contact:

Paul Morisi
Director, Youth and Young Adult Formation
Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis
718.965.7300, ext. 5556

The Diocese of Brooklyn has a rich, long history of catechizing and evangelizing youth and young adults. It is necessary, then, that under the leadership of Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, and in collaboration with the staff of the Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis, we present this Plan that will unify, engage, and mobilize our pastoral and catechetical outreach to youth and young adults. This Diocesan Plan provides a framework which is flexible and practical. It is meant to be studied and implemented by the pastor, the Parish staff, the Parish youth and young adult team, and other collaborators. The family is an essential part of this outreach.

Learn more about the Pastoral Plan for Outreach to Youth and Young Adults

Youth Ministry (Grades 6-12)
The diocesan Youth Ministry team works to empower young people — junior high school grades 6-8, and senior high school grades 9-12 — to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. We work together with adult parish youth ministry leadership, across parishes and schools, to develop comprehensive youth ministry programs.

We also collaborate with diocesan agencies and organizations, regional and national Catholic Youth Ministry leadership on activities and issues of mutual concern and benefit, consistent with the goals of the Office of Faith Formation.

Each year we host the Diocesan Youth Day — a day of catechesis, pray, worship and fellowship with youth from Brooklyn and Queens.


The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) serves the youth of the Diocese of Brooklyn through sports and other programs. For more information, visit

Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative

The Center for Ministry Development supports the CYMI by providing training, resources and consultation to assist the diocesan staff in supporting vibrant youth ministry. This project consists of nine gathered workshops provided on Saturdays over a three-year period. These workshops are provided for the leaders of youth ministry and their teams. The workshop day also includes an element of team planning. Planning work will also be assigned to teams to complete in between workshops.

For more information on the Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative, please contact:

Lucia Morales
Facilitator, Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative
Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis
718.965.7300, ext. 5418

Steubenville NYC

Steubenville NYC will take place on the campus of St. John’s University in Queens, New York. The 105-acre Queens campus offers a traditional university environment in the world’s most dynamic city. The event with the hopes of strengthening and inspiring teens and youth groups in their collective journeys to Christ. Evangelistic in nature, these weekend conferences are both a great “introduction” to the Gospel message for new or younger teens, while offering deep and moving experiences of prayer and fellowship for even your Youth Group regulars.

Learn more about the Jornada groups for young adults in Brooklyn and Queens.