Elementary Education

Elementary Education Diocese of BrooklynEighty-four Catholic elementary academies and schools within Brooklyn and Queens educate students from early childhood through grade 8.  Find a School and take a tour today!

One key priority of Preserving the Vision, the strategic planning process for Catholic education in the Diocese of Brooklyn, is to transition all Catholic elementary schools to Catholic academies by 2017. The main difference between a school and an academy is the governance model. A Catholic school is governed by the parish, so the pastor is directly in charge. An academy is governed by a two-tiered board that is comprised of a Board of Directors and a Board of Members. More information about the school and academy governance models is here.

Registration and tuition differ on a school-by-school basis. In order to enroll your child in a Catholic elementary academy or school, you must contact the school directly. Average annual tuition for a Catholic elementary academy or school in Brooklyn and Queens is about $4,000. It can be lower or higher depending upon the school. Additionally, need-based scholarships offered through Futures in Education can help with the cost of tuition. Discounts for multiple children are always available. Read more about registration and tuition.

The common core learning standards that have been adopted by 45 states across the nation, including New York State, are being adapted in Catholic elementary academies and schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn. These standards outline educational benchmarks, while the life and breath of the curriculum remains in the hands of qualified Catholic educators. English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Religion, Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education are all a part of the curriculum in every academy and school. Additionally, almost all academies and schools provide instruction in at least one language other than English.
Curriculum in Catholic Academies and Schools | Common Core resources

Academies and schools in Brooklyn and Queens use both the TerraNova Standardized Testing Program and the New York State Testing Program. The information or data that we attain from both programs will assist each school and academy in strengthening the teaching and learning process for each student.
Read more about assessment | FAQ about our testing programs

Various academic and arts programs help academies and schools within the diocese in their aim to develop the whole child. Read more about our programs.

The Diocese hosts many annual events for students and teachers in Catholic schools and academies. Read more about our special events.

Academic Calendar
The first day of classes for the 2017-18 school year is Sept. 6. See the complete academic calendar.

Test for Admission Into Catholic High Schools (TACHS)
The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) tests eighth grade students who are interested in attending Catholic high school. Read more about TACHS.

Extracurricular Activities
Students can learn and express themselves through sports or other activities outside of the curriculum.  Read about the extracurricular activities in academies and schools.