Finding the Fun in Learning – JrPreK at St. Bernard

My Name is Samantha Mendez, and I am the Jr.PreK teacher here at Saint Bernard Catholic Academy. Over the past month since school has begun we have “Set Sail” into learning. Each year I create a new theme for the classroom and this year the Jr.PreK children are sailing on a learning cruise ship. So my 29 Sailors, My Cruise Director, Mrs. Deborah, and I, the “Captain” are off to a great academic year. As for most of the children it was their first time in school, it was a large adjustment but we all pushed through and are sailing along.

In the past month, the children have had the opportunity to meet new friends and explore learning in a new way. They follow a curriculum I have designed that incorporates letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The children recently learned about the letter S. Not only did they learn about the letter and the sound it makes, we explored the letter through food and fun. We had scrambled eggs, sausages, spaghetti, snow cones, and strawberry shortcakes. The children also came to school wearing “Silly Socks” that they made at home.

Learning isn’t always easy, but when you make learning fun the possibilities of what each child could do are endless…

-Samantha Mendez