Aquinas Expo 2015


Students from the Aquinas Honors Society gathered to present their work in Brooklyn and Queens at the Diocesan Aquinas Expos. Students use their “passports to learning” during the expo to visit and learn from other student expositions, in addition to presenting their own work. They sign each others passports as they go and the event concludes with Mass.

The Aquinas Society is an umbrella program of the Diocese of Brooklyn that exists to promote excellence in education by providing intellectually engaging experiences for students who are academically capable of advanced work, as well as those students who are committed to developing their unique gifts and talents.

The Aquinas Society provides Catholic school students in Brooklyn and Queens with an opportunity to conduct in-depth research into a variety of topics. Each year, members of each school’s Aquinas Society, under the direction of a teacher-advisor, select an issue to research; create a collaborative project with written, visual and technological aspects; and then display and present their work at the Diocesan expo.

The Queens Aquinas Expo was held May 12 at Saint Margaret School in Middle Village.

The Brooklyn Aqinas Expo was held May 13 at Saint Peter Catholic Academy in Brooklyn.

Special thanks to all of those who helped make these events possible and congratulations to all of the students for a job well done!