Brooklyn, NY

Fr. Alonzo Q. Cox | Pastor
Office of Sacred Music Ministry

Joseph P. Murray | Interim Music Director


The Parish of St. Martin de Porres in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, is pleased to announce that we are currently searching for a fellow musician to help lead our Sacred Music Ministry Program.  In a departure from previous models, we are seeking a qualified individual to hold the position of co-director; that is, a musician & administrator who would work in collaboration with our existing interim Music Director so that any Ministry tasks would be shared equally.  This full-time position offers a competitive salary with benefits.

Please note the following musical needs & requirements:

KEYBOARD SKILLS: As all three churches in our Parish house pianos and organs, we are searching for someone who is comfortable on both instruments.

CHOIR DUTIES: One of the main responsibilities of the position will be preparing and leading the Parish choir on Sundays, as well as various services/events throughout the Parochial year, therefore prior experience leading a choir, mixed ensemble, or chamber group is preferred.

Formal vocal training so as to help lead the choir & congregation is a plus, but not a requirement.

MUSICAL TRAINING: A large portion of our work will be helping our choir advance in their skills and become more comfortable with their material throughout the Liturgical year; we are seeking those with formal musical training/education. The ability to read sheet music is required (sight-reading is a plus).  A moderate understanding of music theory is preferred.


General/Administrative requirements are as follows:

  • Must have computer & typing skills (office documents, e-mails, Google programs, digital calendar entry, XL Spreadsheets, etc.).
  • Comfortability with basic office tasks a must (copying, collating, file sorting & shelving, answering phones, taking/fielding meetings/conference calls for the program, etc.).
  • IMPORTANT: A positive, encouraging, “team-player” attitude is required.


We are seeking those who work extremely well with others in various group settings, and who are committed to constructive, engaging dialogue & community work. In addition to being comfortable helping lead a choir or Church services, the co-director must be prepared to participate in several committees, periodic staff meetings, follow-up discussions with clergy, and the like.  As a community of Faith, St. Martin de Porres is committed to hiring staff who can grasp the nuances of Parish life, and approach each situation, positive or otherwise, with a willingness to learn, and an attitude of love & respect for all of its members.

Lastly, it is important to note that each church belonging to St. Martin de Porres has a remarkable cultural history, with the bulk of its members and ministers representing African-American, Caribbean, African, Latin, and Indigenous Catholic life in Brooklyn for well over 75 years.  Likewise, the women from these communities have gone above and beyond to ensure the stability & growth of these houses of worship.  In the spirit of that diversity, as well as our commitment to being an equal opportunity employer, the Office of Sacred Music Ministry looks forward to hearing from candidates representing these communities so as to follow in that rich history.

All applicants will be subject to an interview and audition:

  • Please prepare two selections, one on the piano and one on the organ, in contrasting styles: classical/sacred piece and a modern/pop/inspirational piece are preferred.
  • Please prepare a standard Catholic/Christian Hymn in the style of leading a congregation.
  • Potential candidates will also be asked to meet with – and play for – our choir during one of our Wednesday evening rehearsals.


If this is something you’re interested in, or you know someone who would benefit from this opportunity, please contact us via e-mail: .

Kindly include your full name or the name of your recommendation, contact information, resume, and references.  Upon receipt, we will respond with more information about the position.  Should you have any other questions, please call the Parish Office: (718) 574-5772.