Rett Syndrome

Stair-climbing may not be a groundbreaking experience to the average Joe, but if you saw Bella, Isold, or Sammi’s dress rehearsal last weekend, you would realize: it is.

They are three girls who live with Rett, a neurological genetic disorder that mainly affects girls. Children with Rett usually develop normally to between six and 18 months, before losing acquired speech and hand skills. More than half of the girls with Rett live in wheelchairs, have seizures, and rely on feeding tubes for their nutrition. Read more »

NET To Host 2nd Annual Faith Film Festival

Brooklyn, NY, Sept 28, 2011 – On Oct 6th, New Evangelization Television (NET) is honored to host the Second Annual Faith Film Festival, an extension of the their highly successful television show, Faith Film Festival. The event, which will feature six of the best independent films of the year, will be held on the campus of St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights.

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