The Diaconate

The Diaconate Formation Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn has a four-fold mission:

  1. The promotion, recruiting and formation of future deacons, to administer the five-year formation program for men who are called to serve as ordained deacons in the Church.
  2. The spiritual and pastoral formation of the ordained, overseeing the continuing formational and ministerial needs of the deacons of the diocese, according to the norms of the Directory for the Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons (1998) and related documents.
  3. The academic recognition and accreditation of the formation program.
  4. To provide support to the deacons, their wives and the widows of deceased deacons by offering opportunities for social gatherings, prayer and fraternity. The office also served as a resource to deacons facing any type of personal or ministerial difficulties.

Diaconate Formation Office
310 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-281-9577 / 718-965-7300 Ext. 5413
Fax: 718-399-5957

Deacon Jorge González, Director
718-281-9575 / 718-965-7300 Ext. 5577

Ms. Nora Ugarte, Office Manager
718-281-9577  / 718-965-7300 Ext. 5413