School of Evangelization

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School of Evangelization Inclement Weather Policy 2016-2017
The general policy is that if New York City public schools are closed, all School of Evangelization classes and events will be canceled. In other situations, a decision will be made as soon as possible.

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The mission of the School of Evangelization is to serve the formation and educational needs of those who seek to know for the first time or desire a deeper understanding and relationship with Christ Jesus and His Church by providing guidance, support, and resources to clergy, women and men in consecrated life, and laity of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

Formed in Spring 2014, the School of Evangelization encompasses the departments of Faith Formation and the Pastoral Institute. Our Guidebook for 2016-2017 contains current information regarding our initiatives, department offerings, Living and Leading by Faith Catechist and Catechetical Leader Faith Formation Program courses, calendar, and resources.

We also offer online learning and leadership formation via local courses and educational events – click here to register for full program information. We also work with a number of formation partners.

Theodore Musco
Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis
Director, Office of Faith Formation

Paul Morisi
Director, Youth and Young Adult Faith Formation
Office of Faith Formation
718-965-7300, ext. 5556

Christian Rada
Director, Marriage, Family Life and Respect Life Education
Office of Faith Formation
718-965-7300, ext 5541

Joann Roa
Director, Adult Faith Formation (RCIA, LLF, Holy Spirit Institute for Service and Leadership)
Office of Faith Formation
718-965-7300, ext 2440

Robert Caldera
Director, Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

Lucia Morales
Specialist, Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative
Office of Faith Formation
718-965-7300, ext. 5418

Clendy Calderon
Administrative Assistant
Office of Faith Formation
718-965-7300, ext. 2449

Lizbeth Ugarte
Administrative Assistant
Pastoral Institute
718-965-7300, ext. 5410

Martha Hernandez
Administrative Assistant
School of Evangelization
718-965-7300, ext. 5540

Nelsa I. Elías
Catechetical Program Outreach
School of Evangelization
718-965-7300, ext 5558

Christine Georgi
School of Evangelization
718-965-7300, ext. 5416

Deacon John DeBiase
Special Needs Religious Education